We are all used to seeing the word 'cookies' now in relation to websites, but what does it actually mean?

'Cookies' is the term used to describe how a website will track your movements, in compliance with the European GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) which is about your privacy and protection.

GDPR requires that you get affirmative consent from site visitors before placing non-essential cookies (and similar technologies) on their device.

In general, the cookies which are initially placed on this website may be categorized as essential cookies: security, anti-fraud, and other purposes related to the specific functionality of your service.

This privacy policy will be updated regularly, and at this stage any customer details entered on here are not shared with any other entity or person unless specifically requested by you.  I do not collect any data for marketing purposes, so your email address will not be used for marketing or disclosed to any other party.  

Regarding data which I may collect as I try to help you with your problem feet, this is held securely and not shared with any other parties - unless you request it to be.  As an example, if you see a podiatrist and you wish me to let them know which shoes are best for your feet, then with your permission I will do so.


If you would like to know more, please get in touch.  You don't need to email or enter data on here, pick up the phone and we will have a good old fashioned conversation !

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